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The 2011 3 Day for the Cure Series has Begun!

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Hello everyone!!

Tweeting away during the Boston 2011 3 Day!

This past weekend, the 2011 3 Day for the Cure series of events began in Boston. And unlike last year, I wasn’t there. Phooey.

BUT! I am a Mug that will not be left out of a great Pink Party. So I took to my beloved Twitter and cheered on those walkers, crew members & even the walker stalkers as they made their way through the heat and the rain and the other heat and the other rain… Man, those Boston folks REALLY had a tough weekend. But watching them get through all of that, smiles intact and spirits high was so inspiring!

So since I am now “back on the 3 Day scene,” as it were, I thought this might be a good to update everyone on MY plans for the 2011 3 Day season!

First and foremost, while I had a PHENOMENAL time walking/crewing with all of my wonderful hosts last year, I was a bit banged up by the end of my 11 events (much like a lot of 3 Day walkers I know and love!). In particular, having to travel back and forth between cities every week really took a toll on my Muggy body. As a result, when I travel now, I require lots of extra padding. Between that and needing expidited shipping to make it to my events on time, it has just gotten too expensive for me to make it to all of the 3 Day events this year. I am SUPER bummed that I can’t be with all of you in mug, but Mom says that’s just the way that it needs to be this year.

HOWEVER! My pink spirit will not be held down and my Muggy voice will not be silenced! I will able to make it to a few events this year because I can travel in person with my hosts for those events. I will definitely be at the event here in Atlanta with Team Twitter ATL, which I am super duper excited for. I think Mom mentioned that Aunt Julie is probably taking me with her to Seattle so I can walk with Team Twitter Seattle too. I hear they’re really big ice cream fiends over on Team Twitter Seattle and you know how much I love sweets!!  I am also hoping to convince some of my local 3 Day friends to take me to the DC and Arizona events as well. I’ll keep you posted, but I think those my only events for 2011.

As for those other however many cities that I won’t be at… I will instead be doing exactly what I did for the Boston walk: TWEETING MY PINK HANDLE OFF. If you would like to share in my cheerleading and keep up with my unique commentary during those walks, check me out on Twitter at I have also linked my Twitter account to my Facebook Page, which you can find here. Don’t confuse that with my personal page, though, which is here. I have unlinked Twitter from that account and will only be updating over there with important updates and blog post notifications. That way, if you’re following me on Twitter and don’t want to see all of the same posts on Facebook, you have that option too!

So to recap:

Facebook Page = Everything 3 Day Mug! Photos! Tweets! Info! Blog posts! Bad Jokes! Nutterbutters!

Personal Facebook Page (for ThreeDay Mug) = All of the same except without the Tweets.

Pick your favorite way to follow me on Facebook and do it! I LOVE my Facebook friends almost as much as I love my Twitter followers! Okay, I love them all the same. But still… find me over there PLEASE!!

So, I think that’s all from Mug HQ for now. I can’t wait for the Cleveland walk to start on Friday morning!! That’s one of the few cities that I didn’t get to walk in last year so I’m really excited to see all the pictures!!

Love from,



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July 28, 2011 at 1:35 am

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