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The Michigan 3 Day with the Coconutter Strutters!

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As you should know by now, I walked with the Coconutter Strutters team in the Michigan 3 Day for the Cure.  They were such a friendly and welcoming bunch of coconuts!

Welcome to the Michigan 3 Day!

The night before the Michigan 3 Day, the Coconutter Strutters all got together for a big team dinner.  It was an excellent opportunity for me to meet most of my teammates that would be escorting me around the Motor City for the next three days!

Me and my Coconutter Strutter teammates: Mr. Coconut, Marathon Coconut, Kooky Coconut, Clever Coconut, Hollywood Coconut, Lead Coconut, Trainer Coconut, Crafty Coconut, Iron Coconut and Queenie Coconut.

After dinner, I was really excited to start walking RIGHT AWAY!  However, the walk didn’t start for a few hours, so I was quickly tucked away for a good night’s sleep.  If I have learned one thing about these 3 Day walkers, it’s that they get up EARLY!

Sure enough, the Coconuts were up and at ’em well before sun rise.  Very first thing in the morning (and I mean first thing!), the Coconuts and I headed to Opening Ceremonies where my teammates snagged their first five seconds of fame.  Here, you can see the Channel 4 Detroit News interviewing Queenie Coconut – she is walking 60 miles in honor of her mother who also happened to be celebrating her 60th birthday!

(I was hoping this meant we would get cake or at least some Nutter Butters.  Unfortunately, with all this walking, there was no time for cake.  Next time, Coconuts!)

Letting my teammate enjoy the spot light. It can't be all about me, all the time!

Some people, like Cousin Coffee Cup, enjoy coffee first thing in the morning, but not these crazy Coconuts!  They spent their morning screaming, dancing and wearing pink fuzzy things on their heads, even though they just got out of bed!

You can always spot a coconut by their pink dealy boopers!

Somehow, every team picture that we took involved laughing, strange noises, pyramids of people and quite often “jazz hands”!  I knew I was in for a fun weekend with all this early morning fun!

After a wonderful Opening Ceremonies, it was time to walk!  And walk we did, for 3 days and 60 miles!

It's all about saving those coconuts!

The support along the route was incredible!  Here I am with the Superior Ambulance truck which was covered in dedications, inspiration and lots of love!

As the ambulance says, "Coconutter Strutters Rock!"

Luckily, we didn’t see any rain on the route (which is good because I haven’t fixed my poncho from Boston yet!).  The safety crew knew what they were doing when they brought their umbrellas though – we needed some relief from the hot, hot sun!

Thanks Safety Crew, for keeping my Coconuts safe!

The Coconutter Strutters have some of the best supporters along the route!  It seemed like every time we rounded a corner, there was someone else decked out in coconut gear!

Our team supporters come in all sizes!

When the Coconutter Strutters got tired of walking, there was always someone along the route ready to cheer us on and dance with us!

Dancing Coconuts!

The best dancer of all, though, was this woman:

I met the Dancing Lady!

This friendly lady is known as the Dancing Lady among the Michigan 3 Dayers and she is something of a celebrity (like me!).  She kept popping up all throughout the walk and she was always shakin’ her stuff!  I’m just lucky I got her to hold still long enough for a picture!

When we finally made it back to camp, we were greeted by the wonderful Livonia firemen who were working hard to keep us cool after a hot day of walking in the sun.

Thank you Livonia firemen! We love you!

Everyone was in such a good mood all weekend – I think it’s all this pink that they all wear.  You just can’t be grouchy when you’re surrounded by PINK.  I think Oscar the Grouch should take notes from these 3 Day people!

Marathon Coconut was super excited to be hanging out with me. Little does she know that I'm not filled with coffee!

Luckily, I didn’t have to go to the Medical Tent this time like I did in Boston.  They have some funny looking nurses here in Michigan!

3 Day Mug and 3 Day Nurse to the rescue!

In camp, I even got to meet another awesome 3 Day celebrity: Pink Beard Barry!  Did you know that this is the fifth year in a row that he’s participated in EVERY 3 Day event?  That’s soooo much walking.  Mom got to meet him in Atlanta in 2008 and I got to meet him here in Detroit!

I hope I get to see Barry again at my other events. He's my idol!

One thing that I learned in Michigan is that The Coconutter Strutters take Tent Decorating VERY seriously.  This year, the Coconuts took their cue from the gorgeous weather and brought a little beach bummin’ to the 3 Day with them!

Beach Bummin' at 3 Day Camp! Hope you brought your swimmies and sunblock!

Trainer Coconut was supposed to be decorating the tents, but I think she got a little confused after all of this walking!

Hanging 10 with Trainer Coconut!

While the Coconuts were putting the final touches on tent decorations, another news team swung by for an interview.  Who knew my teammates were such media darlings?

I'm glad everyone is getting to hear about my Coconut teammates - they are the best!

One of the best things about the Coconutter Strutters is their team shirts.  If I had a shirt, it would definitely say “Mug Nut”!

I definitely need to get one of these shirts! It would look great with my dealy-boopers!

Our team banner was a huge help during the middle of the night when the well-hydrated Coconuts stumbled in the dark in and out of their tents to hit the port-a-potties.  It was also a wonderful sign to welcome us home to camp at the end of a long day of walking!

Our team banner at the end of Day 2!

The rainbow at camp on the second night made everyone stop and appreciate the magnificent 3 Day bubble that we were all in.  I almost didn’t want to leave!

Forget a pot of gold - there's a 3 Day Mug at the end of this rainbow!

In addition to the gorgeous rainbow over our banner on Day 2, we also came home to find out that the Coconutter Strutters had won the tent decorating contest!  Whoohoo – more legacy pins for everyone!!!

Beach Bums for Boobs = Success!

The final day of the event was bittersweet – the miles may be shorter but the steps definitely feel slower.  I know my teammates were starting to get sore, but I was lucky.  Since Mug’s don’t technically have legs, I got to just hang around for those last, difficult miles!

Hitching a ride with Lead Coconut Vanessa!

Coming into Closing Ceremonies, I had the most incredible photo op – I got to meet Jenne Fromm, the national spokeswoman for the whole 3 Day.  Team Coconutter Strutters adore her and so do I!  When the Coconuts explained that I was the (famous!) 3 Day Mug and that I would be traveling to almost as many 3 Day events as she was, her response was “Well, THAT’s an interesting item to take along on all the walks!”

I am definitely interesting – that’s why you’re all reading my blog after all!  I hope I get to meet Jenne again at future walks!

Posing with Jenne!

At the end of the 60 mile journey in Michigan, all 1,850 walkers shared stories of aches, pains, dehydration, exhaustion and longed for air conditioning.  Yet at that very same moment, they felt a heart warming peace – the small things they had over come during those 3 days are nothing compared to the mountains that our survivors have achieved!

The Coconutter Strutters at the Finish Line! Congratulations Coconuts!

After a very long but fun-filled 3 Days, we took our final steps into Closing Ceremonies.  The Coconuts look just as good as they did early on Friday morning, just a few short days ago!

Closing Ceremonies!

So now it’s time for this Mug to hang up her 3 Day lanyard for this walk.  But don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.  I’ll be in the Twin Cities in just a few days!

Rocking my Michigan 3 Day swag one last time...

Extra special thank you to Vanessa and all the Coconuts for all your support during the Michigan 3 Day!  I loved being an honorary Coconut and I’ll see you again in Arizona!

~  3 Day Mug

PS – If you want to help my Coconutter Strutters teammates with their fundraising for their Arizona walk, you can make a donation here.  Thanks!


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August 16, 2010 at 10:00 am

My Cousin, Daddy’s Mug

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In addition to my boring Cousin Coffee Cup, I also have another Mug cousin who goes by  the name Daddy’s Mug.  Niblette created Daddy’s Mug in honor of her Daddy who is a soldier in the war in Afghanistan.  Niblette saw how much joy I was bringing to everyone around here and she wanted to make sure that her Daddy had some of that love with him while he was away as well!

This is my Cousin, Daddy's Mug. Isn't her camo paint cute?

Daddy’s Mug officially shipped out to Afghanistan today.  I hope that my cousin has a safe trip and that everyone fighting over there comes home very soon, safe and sound.

Good luck Cousin!  Be sure to write all about your adventures – Afghanistan sounds VERY OTP!

~ 3 Day Mug

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July 11, 2010 at 8:00 am

Cousin Coffee Cup is taunting me…

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Just ’cause I get to have fun while he has to do icky data analysis.  I’ll get my Nutter Butters, Coffee Cup.  Just you wait and see!

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June 23, 2010 at 4:30 pm

Cousin Coffee Cup

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This is my boring Cousin Coffee Cup.

Work, work, work!

Cousin Coffee Cup just emailed me to say how jealous he is of how much fun I’m having with Aunt Julie while he’s stuck helping Mom with boring data analysis.  This definitely seems like an advantage for being OTP!

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June 23, 2010 at 10:30 am