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That’s A Lot of Nutter Butters!

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As my long time fans know, this is one Mug that loves her Nutter Butters.  Just about the only thing I love more than Nutter Butters is people who participate in the Breast Cancer 3 Day!  So when Jay, my soon to be host for the Twin Cities 3 Day for the Cure, recently tweeted this picture of the stash of Nutter Butters that we’ll be bringing with us to the Twin Cities walk, I was one seriously happy Mug!

Personally, I feel that Nutter Butters can cure whatever it is that ails you.  And I know from experience that during the 3 Day, there’s a lot that can ail you.  So if you happen to see Jay or I out on the route or in camp during the Twin Cities 3 Day, be sure to say “Hi!” and ask for some Nutter Butters – we clearly have plenty to share!


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August 13, 2010 at 8:25 pm

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I’m all set for my first road trip!

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Tomorrow morning, I will be off on my first road trip without Mom or Aunt Julie!  I am a little nervous but I am very excited to be able to support more of “The Pink People” at the 3 Day walks in Michigan and the Twin Cities!

For my first stop, I will be staying with Vanessa (who I hear also goes by @DESIGNESSA on Twitter).  Vanessa is the Lead Coconut of the Coconutter Strutters, which sounds like a great team.  I hope I fit in!

I've got my coconut bra all ready to go!

After the Michigan 3 Day, I’ll be whooshing my way to the Twin Cities (by way of Vermont!) where I’ll be accompanying a very nice man named Jay (or @jayfurr on Twitter) on the first of his THREE walks this year.  Mom was lucky enough to meet Jay in Boston where he worked on the Crew of the very awesome Pit Stop 4s.

That's Jay on the left, working on the Boston Crew!

Mom says Jay is very enthusiastic and likes to wear a hot pink hard hat and Converse sneakers.  I just hope people don’t get us confused on the event!

I’ve got my pink hat and sneakers all ready for the Twin Cities!

If everything goes according to Mom’s plans, I will be taking part in TEN 3 Day events this year – that’s even more than Jay!  I am very excited that so many wonderful 3 Day walkers and crew members have offered to chaperone me all around the country.  I can’t wait to share all of my adventures with you.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter (where I am @3DayMug) for the very latest from my 3 Day journey!

(Oh yeah, and I know I still owe you posts about my trip to the Boston 3 Day.  Mom’s being really slow about getting my pictures off her camera.  I knew I shouldn’t have shared cameras with her!)

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August 4, 2010 at 5:11 am