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The Boston 3 Day – Day 3

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The morning of Day 3 came really early, especially after sleeping in those hot tents all night.  I was hoping for a relaxing pre-walk breakfast, but things were BUSY BUSY BUSY all around camp!  People were packing up their pink tents, getting their feet taped up, refilling water bottles…  it was crazy.  But eventually, we made it out onto the route to finish our long walk into Boston!

After climbing a really big hill in the hot, hot sun, we decided to take a rest in the shade outside a store.  I was really excited when I realized I was sitting right next to my fellow 3 Day Tweep Caitlin!  Mom tells me that Caitlin (who you may know as “@CTinCT“) is the Energizer Keep Going Blogger for the Boston walk, so it was kind of like meeting a celebrity!

Hanging with my fellow 3 Day Tweep Caitlin on the route!

I heard that Mom got to meet some other 3 Day Tweeps yesterday, including John (@60Miles), Jay (@jayfurr) and Jen (@LyndasLadies).  I was hoping to meet them all today, along with Laurie (@60milegirl) and her husband (@60milehusband) but alas, my lack of training finally caught up with me.  My blisters were just too much and I think I pulled a muscle in my handle.  Luckily, there was a friendly sweep van that was willing to take me all the way to Closing Ceremonies so Mom and her teammates could keep walking.

Oh noes! I had to take a Sweep Van to Closing! Next time, I will definitely train for this more!

Even though I had to sweep to the end, Mom and her Relentless Optimism teammates trekked onward.  I heard that they got to walk over a bunch of beautiful bridges, walk through the gorgeous Boston Commons and the Boston Public Gardens and even hang out with some awesome firemen.  You’ll all have to check out Mom’s blog to see more of that, I guess.

After a long, hot afternoon, I finally spied my Relentless Optimism teammates coming across the Finish Line!  I was sooo proud of them – they worked really hard all weekend!  Luckily, I was with them to join in the celebration during Closing Ceremonies.  We even got to rock out with Candy Coburn.  I am DEFINITELY a Pink Warrior, even if I am a Mug!

Whoohoo! We made it to Closing Ceremonies!

Shaking my pink pom poms in celebration! Congratulations Pink People!!

After the big celebration at Closing Ceremonies, we all headed back to the hotel for some much needed R&R.  I was a sore Mug indeed!  I thought we were all going to relax and rest our tired feet but instead, Mom and her Relentless Optimism teammates went out to dinner with all of Mom’s family that had driven in from out of town just to see me!

(Okay, they were really there to cheer for Mom and rest of the Relentless Optimism team, but hey, a Mug can dream!)

Mom and her teammate Jen celebrating with some non - 3 Day Mugs. Those Beer Mugs may be good for celebrating, but I don't think they walked 60 miles this weekend like I did!

While Mom was celebrating, I was trying to take care of all of my blisters back at the hotel. Doctor Michelle, where are you?!?

All in all, there were 1600 walkers, 375 crew members and one very committed Mug that took part in the Boston 3 Day for the Cure.  All together, we raised $4.1 million dollars for breast cancer research!!  Some day soon, we will find a cure for breast cancer and I will be a very happy 3 Day Mug indeed.  But until then, I will keep walking in as many 3 Day events as I can get too.  See you soon, Michigan – I’ll try to get these blisters under control and get in some extra training before then!

Thanks for following my adventures in Boston!

3 Day Mug

Team Photo at Closing Ceremonies! We did it!!


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The Boston 3 Day – Day 2

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After a warm and dry night snuggled into Mom’s pink tent (which itself was snuggled into a really big truck to keep us dry!), we were up with the sun AGAIN. I’m not much of a morning person without my coffee, so this early morning business has been tough.  But thoughts of a warm breakfast with my Relentless Optimism teammates motivated me to get moving!

Must fuel up before walking!

After breakfast, the team put me in charge of making sure we had all the right gear for the day.  I think I got all of the essentials…

All of this relentless optimism is contagious! After the rain yesterday, I'm predicting nothing but sunshine today. Hope everyone brought their sunglasses!

Pssssst! Relentless Optimism! I think you forgot your packs!

After a bit more stretching and an extra apple pie for breakfast, we were off onto the route for more walking!  At this point, Mom started singing “On the Road Again”, which was pretty irritating since she’s a terrible singer.  Didn’t she hear me in 3 Day Rockstar last night?  Leave the singing to the Mug, Mom!

Relentless Optimism rides again! Keep Going ladies!!

How embarassing! You caught me leaving the Port-a-Potty! But hey, if you're hydrating properly on the 3 Day, you can't avoid 'em!

I’ve heard that Day 2 can often be the hardest for the 3 Day walkers and I can see why.  The miles are long, the sun is hot and at the end of day, you still have to sleep in a tent!  Luckily, the organizers planned THREE separate cheering stations on Day 2 for my fellow Boston walkers, so we saw lots of friendly faces along the way.  Some of them even made signs for us!

Hmm... I don't see 3 Day Mug on here anywhere. Maybe they forgot I was walking too? Oh well - GO RELENTLESS OPTIMISM!!!

I concur! My blistered teammates are the hottest ladies in Boston (and not just because it was over 90 degrees!)

After a long morning of walking, we finally made it to lunch.  We had a great place to sit and refuel for even more walking in the afternoon.  I also made sure to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  I don’t want to have to go see Dr. Michelle again!

Hydrate, hydrate, eat and pee! Saving myself from an IV!

Good thing I hydrated! It's REALLY hot out today!

After lunch, we hit the road again, determined to make it back to camp in one piece.  Along the way, we stopped at more Port-a-Potties, more cheering stations and my favorite, more pit stops for snacks!

Have you tried these yet?! They're ALMOST as delicious as Nutter Butters!

Finally, after a long 21.2 miles, we spied all of the pink tents in the distance and knew we had made it back to camp.  After checking in with our “ITP” teammates (that is, our teammates that were still in camp due to injuries or because they were on crew assignments), we got down to business.  I helped Mom move her tent out of the truck that we were in last night (something about having to load it with gear at 4am…) and then hit the showers.  Once we were all clean, it was time for dinner!

(Hmm… it seems like all I did today was eat and walk.  No wonder they call it the 60 Mile Buffet!)

Did you know that everyone on the 3 Day (including walkers, crew and Mugs) showers in trucks? CRAZY!

I made good friends with this gentleman - he controlled the food!

Whew!  Day 2 was INTENSE.  Which makes it fitting that it ended up exactly where it started: IN TENTS.

(HA!  I’m too funny!)

Anyways, that’s all from me for Day 2.  Good night everyone and sleep tight!

3 Day Mug

Aah. All snuggled in to my sleeping bag for the night!

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The Boston 3 Day – Day 1

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Wow.  It’s been busy around here since I came home to Mom!  There was lots of packing, and lots and lots of pink.

All set to cheer on the Boston walkers! Go Mom, Go!

Then, we got on a plane, and when we landed, Momma told me that we were in Boston!  I’m not totally sure what that means, but I’m pretty sure that it’s way OTP.  There was great food, and the accommodations were quite nice, especially at Mom’s friend Michelle’s house.  I hope my sleeping bag is this comfortable!

Mmmm... Cozy.

Mom called this "The Boston Breakfast of Champions" - sounds good to me!

Some wicked awesome chowda' and a Sammy for lunch!

So far, I like Boston.  But you’re not here to talk about what happened before the 3-Day.  You’re here to hear about what’s been going on at the Boston 3-Day for the Cure!

First, we woke up really early.  Like it was still dark, it was that early.  We met up with our Relentless Optimism teammates (who were REALLY optimistic about walking 60 miles!) and jumped on a big bus that took us to Opening Ceremonies.

Up before the sun with my Relentless Optimism teammates!

Once we got to Opening Ceremonies, things really started to get exciting.  I got a new hat from the wonderful people at Energizer (who told me to Keep Going! A LOT) and I got my picture taken in front of the big sign.  I hear that’s the cool thing to do at the 3 Day, so I definitely couldn’t miss out on that, even though I am a little small.

I look good as a rabbit! But why does everyone keep telling me to "Keep Going!"?

Opening Ceremonies!!

Eventually, the sun came up and there was music playing and people everywhere.  It was all very exciting.  They must have sent a memo to everyone or something, because they were all wearing pink!  Then, all at once, the people wearing pink (a.k.a everyone) started stretching.  I joined in, because I’m pink, too!  Plus, if I’m going to walk with my teammates instead of just cheering, I need to warm up!

Stretch Pink People! You don't want to pull a muscle!

The Opening Ceremony was a very emotional moment for all of my R.O. teammates.  Don’t tell anyone, but I’m pretty sure Mom was crying a little.  But then, the music kicked up, the Pink People started dancing and before I knew it, we were out on the route!

All day long, the Pink People walked, and they drank water, and they walked, and they ate, and they walked, and they pottied, and they walked some more.  Everyone was so happy, and even though it rained a little, no one got upset.  I did have some issues with my rain poncho though.  I really should have trained in my rain gear like the veterans told me to.  If I had done that, I would have realized that my poncho didn’t have any holes for my handle or for breathing!

I'm dry in here, but I'm pretty sure there's something wrong with my poncho. Good thing we're almost to camp!

When Mom got done walking, she took me to this place where all the pink 3 Day people are staying in lots of pink tents…  I don’t know how they’re not losing themselves with all the pink, but they seem to keep things straight.  Though I do think one person got confused, because she was talking to the tent…I think she thought it was her friend or something, but how could you tell, really?

Then, Mom took me to visit her friend (and my Relentless Optimism teammate) Doctor Michelle in the Med Tent (that’s Camp ITP for all you outsiders) to make sure that I was doing okay after all the excitement.

Dr. Michelle says I'm doing great - no red card for me!

To wrap it up, Day 1 on the Boston 3-Day has been great!  I really like it here.  And I especially love hanging out with my favorite people in the whole wide world:  Breast Cancer 3-Day Walkers.

Team Relentless Optimism!

Mom is Relentlessly Optimistic!

Okay.  Gotta go!  I’m signed up to try out for the 3-Day Rockstar and I need to rehearse my number (“This Mug was Made for Sippin’,” of course!  You know, to the tune of this lesser known song called “These Boots are Make for Walkin'”…I think they’ll dig it.) and then it’s bedtime.  21+ miles tomorrow…gotta rest up!

Until tomorrow,
3 Day Mug

We made it to the end of Day 1!

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