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A Brief Update from Mug Headquarters!

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Hello everyone!

I’m back and I’m ready to kick off my 2011 3 Day for the Cure season!

Today, February 4th, is a very important day in the 3 Day world. That’s because exactly 24 weeks from today, the 2011 Boston 3 Day will kick off, starting a wonderful, inspiring and blister-filled 4 months of walking, talking and raising awareness about the need for breast cancer research all across the country. Last year, I made it to 11 different 3 Day events, starting in Boston in July and ending in San Diego in late November. This year, I want to make it to all of them (hopefully with less bumps and bruises along the way!). So today, I am marking not just the start of the 24 week training program, but also my own personal campaign of support for my favorite people in the whole world: the pink people who walk, crew and volunteer in the Breast Cancer 3 Day!

*SIGH* So much rain…

Now, officially, the training schedule doesn’t start until next week, which I guess is okay because I hear there’s a lot of snow out there that people are dealing with. Here in Atlanta, we just have lots of cold, cold rain. Now, one thing I learned last year was that training in the rain is VERY important since it rains ALL THE TIME on the 3 Day. But, for now, we all have a pass on that until next week. So instead of lacing up our sneakers/mug carrier bags and hitting the road, I have two very important things that I want to tell you about instead:

1, Today is World Cancer Day! World Cancer Day takes place every February 4th and was started by the World Health Organization (or WHO) in 2005 to help the International Union Against Cancer (or UICC) to promote ways to ease the global health burden of cancer. The smart people at the UICC recognize that many forms of cancer are preventable if we can help educate others while taking small, regular measures to protect our own health as well. Things like not smoking, exercising regularly and wearing sunscreen every day – you know, stuff us smart people and Mugs are doing already (or at least SHOULD be!). As a very passionate activist Mug, I encourage you to help mark World Cancer Day in some small way. Read over the World Cancer Day website and consider signing their World Cancer Declaration while you’re there. Educate yourself about how you can help protect yourself from developing cancer in the future. And most importantly, consider donating to a cancer-related charity like Susan G. Komen for the Cure, The American Cancer Society or Stand Up 2 Cancer. You can find a whole list of cancer organizations on the National Cancer Institute website, here. Pick your favorite (or favorites) and DONATE!

2, It is ALSO National WEAR RED Day, an event designed to promote awareness about women’s heart health. National WEAR RED day happens on the first Friday of every February, since February is American Health Month. You can remember that because in February we also celebrate hearts, in a different way, on Valentine’s Day! Now, the ribbon on my front is pink for breast cancer awareness, but I am really a Mug who cares about promoting good health habits all around! I may be decked out in pink, but I care about your heart too! I mean, did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of women in America?! That’s just not right! We need to be just as proactive about raising money for heart health research as we are about raising money for breast cancer research – as Mom likes to say, any research funding that helps advance our knowledge about human health is money well spent! So today, wear your sassiest red high heels or red dress and help to spread the word about the importance of taking care of your heart – you won’t get very far without it! And when you have a minute, read over the National WEAR RED Day website and consider donating to the American Heart Association too.

As for me, since the start of my 3 Day training has been waylaid by all this crazy rain, I’m going to “wear” this warm red blanket for a nice long nap – AFTER I donate to these very important causes, of course!

Wearing my best red blanket for heart health!

Hope you all have a great day and I’ll be back soon – I STILL have to tell you guys all about my adventures last fall as I crisscrossed the country!

~ Mug


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February 4, 2011 at 9:43 pm

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