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On the Road to the Twin Cities!

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When I first set out for the Michigan 3 Day for the Cure, I thought that I was going to be flying off to meet my Twin Cities host Jay Furr in Vermont.  Instead, I was very excited and honored when Jeremy King, aka Mr. February 2008 for the 60 Mile Men, offered to personally escort me between the events.  It was a super long but adventure-filled drive from Michigan to Minnesota!

As always with these crazy 3 Day people, our day started really early.  And I mean, really early.  AGAIN.

I told you it was early!

All buckled in and ready to ride!

Once we got ourselves all packed and remembered where exactly we were going, we were off!  We drove and drove and drove…  I figured we must be almost there but nope!  Can you believe it?  WE WERE STILL IN MICHIGAN!  This is going to be a longer drive than I thought!

We've only gone that far?!

With so many miles left to go, we decided it was best to get right back in that car.  No time to waste!  Soon enough, we started checking off the states – first Indiana and then Illinois!

Now Entering Indiana!

And now Illinois!

Because I missed the Chicago 3 Day, I had never been to Illinois before.  It looked kind of like Indiana which looked kind of like Michigan.  Hopefully next year, I can report in more detail about Chicago.  But for now, everything mostly looked like a highway.  At least we were making progress!

One of my most important duties during our car ride was paying our tolls.  It was a big responsibility, but after seeing how well I handled all that money at the Coconutter Strutters fundraiser, Jeremy was sure I could handle it!

Getting ready to pay a toll. Wait... who are you calling a "Wide Load"?!

After A LOT more driving, we finally reached our second to last state: Wisconsin!  While Jeremy took a potty break, I decided to check out the Wisconsin Welcome Center where I learned a lot about Wisconsin!

Wow! Wisconsin is big!

Learning all about Wisconsin...

I was hoping this was our final destination, but apparently Minnesota isn’t in Wisconsin – it’s a whole other state!  So back into the car we went…

I was getting a little bored of riding after all of these long hours in the car, so I decided to ask Jeremy if I could help drive.  For some reason he just laughed!  He pointed out this funny sign and said that if he let me drive, then our car would end up looking like this truck:

Ha ha. Very funny Jeremy!

I think Jeremy realized I was starting to get a little restless at this point, because he decided to take a break from driving when he saw a sign for a scenic overlook.  It was a little far off the road, but hey, we’re experienced walkers here!  Besides, we really needed to stretch our legs – we had been driving ALL. DAY. LONG.

Heading out on the path to the scenic overlook...

Hurry up Jeremy! I think it's just around this corner!

After a little bit of walking, we finally made it to the scenic overlook.  It was just the break that we needed from our long day in the car.  Check out these scenic views of Wisconsin:

So pretty!

I could look at this all day.

Alas, we had to head back to the car eventually.  Minnesota was still a ways off and we still had driving to do.  We did opt for the “path less taken” on the way back to the car though.

The path less taken looks pretty!

Stopping to smell the flowers.

We also stopped at another Wisconsin “landmark”, the big block of cheese.  Okay, maybe this isn’t a real landmark.  But can you believe how big this cheese is?!

That cheese could feed a lot of 3 Day walkers!

Finally, after many, many, many miles and many, many, many hours of driving, we FINALLY made it to Minnesota!

At last, we made it to Minnesota!

Upon arriving in Minnesota, we were quickly off to a pre- 3 Day cook out at the Wood Lake Nature Center with some of Jeremy’s friends.

At the Wood Lake Nature Center

Before we headed out to the campsite, I took some time to explore the Nature Center.  Check out some of the characters that I met:

This Turtle was VERY interested in me (and why wouldn't he be? I'm fascinating!)

He even called his buddy over to see me!

Meeting the Fantastic Mr. Fox!

So glad this guy was on the other side of the glass! Pee-yew!

Eventually, we headed out to the site of the cook out.  It was GORGEOUS.  I even got to paddle a canoe!  (Well, sort of… )

Hanging out in the canoe. I might need some help with the paddles.

Now THIS is a scenic overlook. So, so peaceful.

Relaxing by the bonfire at the end of a long day of driving!

It was a long day of driving, but in the end, it was definitely better than flying!  We got to see a bunch of cool sites along the way and had some great long talks in the car.  I couldn’t ask for a better travel partner than Jeremy.  No wonder the 60 Mile Men put him in their calendar!

For now, though, it is time to rest before meeting up with Jay Furr for the Twin Cities tomorrow.  Good night everyone!


Special thanks to Jeremy King for transporting Mug between Michigan and Minnesota and for sharing all of this wonderful photos.  If you would like to donate to Jeremy’s fundraising for the 2011 3 Day for the Cure, you can do so here.


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August 18, 2010 at 10:00 pm

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  1. We had fun hosting the mug at our little get together. That’s my kayak in the picture — glad to loan it out for some pre-3 day enjoyment 🙂


    October 6, 2010 at 4:20 am

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