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That’s A Lot of Nutter Butters!

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As my long time fans know, this is one Mug that loves her Nutter Butters.  Just about the only thing I love more than Nutter Butters is people who participate in the Breast Cancer 3 Day!  So when Jay, my soon to be host for the Twin Cities 3 Day for the Cure, recently tweeted this picture of the stash of Nutter Butters that we’ll be bringing with us to the Twin Cities walk, I was one seriously happy Mug!

Personally, I feel that Nutter Butters can cure whatever it is that ails you.  And I know from experience that during the 3 Day, there’s a lot that can ail you.  So if you happen to see Jay or I out on the route or in camp during the Twin Cities 3 Day, be sure to say “Hi!” and ask for some Nutter Butters – we clearly have plenty to share!


Written by 3 Day Mug

August 13, 2010 at 8:25 pm

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