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The 2011 3 Day for the Cure Series has Begun!

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Hello everyone!!

Tweeting away during the Boston 2011 3 Day!

This past weekend, the 2011 3 Day for the Cure series of events began in Boston. And unlike last year, I wasn’t there. Phooey.

BUT! I am a Mug that will not be left out of a great Pink Party. So I took to my beloved Twitter and cheered on those walkers, crew members & even the walker stalkers as they made their way through the heat and the rain and the other heat and the other rain… Man, those Boston folks REALLY had a tough weekend. But watching them get through all of that, smiles intact and spirits high was so inspiring!

So since I am now “back on the 3 Day scene,” as it were, I thought this might be a good to update everyone on MY plans for the 2011 3 Day season!

First and foremost, while I had a PHENOMENAL time walking/crewing with all of my wonderful hosts last year, I was a bit banged up by the end of my 11 events (much like a lot of 3 Day walkers I know and love!). In particular, having to travel back and forth between cities every week really took a toll on my Muggy body. As a result, when I travel now, I require lots of extra padding. Between that and needing expidited shipping to make it to my events on time, it has just gotten too expensive for me to make it to all of the 3 Day events this year. I am SUPER bummed that I can’t be with all of you in mug, but Mom says that’s just the way that it needs to be this year.

HOWEVER! My pink spirit will not be held down and my Muggy voice will not be silenced! I will able to make it to a few events this year because I can travel in person with my hosts for those events. I will definitely be at the event here in Atlanta with Team Twitter ATL, which I am super duper excited for. I think Mom mentioned that Aunt Julie is probably taking me with her to Seattle so I can walk with Team Twitter Seattle too. I hear they’re really big ice cream fiends over on Team Twitter Seattle and you know how much I love sweets!!  I am also hoping to convince some of my local 3 Day friends to take me to the DC and Arizona events as well. I’ll keep you posted, but I think those my only events for 2011.

As for those other however many cities that I won’t be at… I will instead be doing exactly what I did for the Boston walk: TWEETING MY PINK HANDLE OFF. If you would like to share in my cheerleading and keep up with my unique commentary during those walks, check me out on Twitter at I have also linked my Twitter account to my Facebook Page, which you can find here. Don’t confuse that with my personal page, though, which is here. I have unlinked Twitter from that account and will only be updating over there with important updates and blog post notifications. That way, if you’re following me on Twitter and don’t want to see all of the same posts on Facebook, you have that option too!

So to recap:

Facebook Page = Everything 3 Day Mug! Photos! Tweets! Info! Blog posts! Bad Jokes! Nutterbutters!

Personal Facebook Page (for ThreeDay Mug) = All of the same except without the Tweets.

Pick your favorite way to follow me on Facebook and do it! I LOVE my Facebook friends almost as much as I love my Twitter followers! Okay, I love them all the same. But still… find me over there PLEASE!!

So, I think that’s all from Mug HQ for now. I can’t wait for the Cleveland walk to start on Friday morning!! That’s one of the few cities that I didn’t get to walk in last year so I’m really excited to see all the pictures!!

Love from,



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A Brief Update from Mug Headquarters!

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Hello everyone!

I’m back and I’m ready to kick off my 2011 3 Day for the Cure season!

Today, February 4th, is a very important day in the 3 Day world. That’s because exactly 24 weeks from today, the 2011 Boston 3 Day will kick off, starting a wonderful, inspiring and blister-filled 4 months of walking, talking and raising awareness about the need for breast cancer research all across the country. Last year, I made it to 11 different 3 Day events, starting in Boston in July and ending in San Diego in late November. This year, I want to make it to all of them (hopefully with less bumps and bruises along the way!). So today, I am marking not just the start of the 24 week training program, but also my own personal campaign of support for my favorite people in the whole world: the pink people who walk, crew and volunteer in the Breast Cancer 3 Day!

*SIGH* So much rain…

Now, officially, the training schedule doesn’t start until next week, which I guess is okay because I hear there’s a lot of snow out there that people are dealing with. Here in Atlanta, we just have lots of cold, cold rain. Now, one thing I learned last year was that training in the rain is VERY important since it rains ALL THE TIME on the 3 Day. But, for now, we all have a pass on that until next week. So instead of lacing up our sneakers/mug carrier bags and hitting the road, I have two very important things that I want to tell you about instead:

1, Today is World Cancer Day! World Cancer Day takes place every February 4th and was started by the World Health Organization (or WHO) in 2005 to help the International Union Against Cancer (or UICC) to promote ways to ease the global health burden of cancer. The smart people at the UICC recognize that many forms of cancer are preventable if we can help educate others while taking small, regular measures to protect our own health as well. Things like not smoking, exercising regularly and wearing sunscreen every day – you know, stuff us smart people and Mugs are doing already (or at least SHOULD be!). As a very passionate activist Mug, I encourage you to help mark World Cancer Day in some small way. Read over the World Cancer Day website and consider signing their World Cancer Declaration while you’re there. Educate yourself about how you can help protect yourself from developing cancer in the future. And most importantly, consider donating to a cancer-related charity like Susan G. Komen for the Cure, The American Cancer Society or Stand Up 2 Cancer. You can find a whole list of cancer organizations on the National Cancer Institute website, here. Pick your favorite (or favorites) and DONATE!

2, It is ALSO National WEAR RED Day, an event designed to promote awareness about women’s heart health. National WEAR RED day happens on the first Friday of every February, since February is American Health Month. You can remember that because in February we also celebrate hearts, in a different way, on Valentine’s Day! Now, the ribbon on my front is pink for breast cancer awareness, but I am really a Mug who cares about promoting good health habits all around! I may be decked out in pink, but I care about your heart too! I mean, did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of women in America?! That’s just not right! We need to be just as proactive about raising money for heart health research as we are about raising money for breast cancer research – as Mom likes to say, any research funding that helps advance our knowledge about human health is money well spent! So today, wear your sassiest red high heels or red dress and help to spread the word about the importance of taking care of your heart – you won’t get very far without it! And when you have a minute, read over the National WEAR RED Day website and consider donating to the American Heart Association too.

As for me, since the start of my 3 Day training has been waylaid by all this crazy rain, I’m going to “wear” this warm red blanket for a nice long nap – AFTER I donate to these very important causes, of course!

Wearing my best red blanket for heart health!

Hope you all have a great day and I’ll be back soon – I STILL have to tell you guys all about my adventures last fall as I crisscrossed the country!

~ Mug

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On the Road to the Twin Cities!

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When I first set out for the Michigan 3 Day for the Cure, I thought that I was going to be flying off to meet my Twin Cities host Jay Furr in Vermont.  Instead, I was very excited and honored when Jeremy King, aka Mr. February 2008 for the 60 Mile Men, offered to personally escort me between the events.  It was a super long but adventure-filled drive from Michigan to Minnesota!

As always with these crazy 3 Day people, our day started really early.  And I mean, really early.  AGAIN.

I told you it was early!

All buckled in and ready to ride!

Once we got ourselves all packed and remembered where exactly we were going, we were off!  We drove and drove and drove…  I figured we must be almost there but nope!  Can you believe it?  WE WERE STILL IN MICHIGAN!  This is going to be a longer drive than I thought!

We've only gone that far?!

With so many miles left to go, we decided it was best to get right back in that car.  No time to waste!  Soon enough, we started checking off the states – first Indiana and then Illinois!

Now Entering Indiana!

And now Illinois!

Because I missed the Chicago 3 Day, I had never been to Illinois before.  It looked kind of like Indiana which looked kind of like Michigan.  Hopefully next year, I can report in more detail about Chicago.  But for now, everything mostly looked like a highway.  At least we were making progress!

One of my most important duties during our car ride was paying our tolls.  It was a big responsibility, but after seeing how well I handled all that money at the Coconutter Strutters fundraiser, Jeremy was sure I could handle it!

Getting ready to pay a toll. Wait... who are you calling a "Wide Load"?!

After A LOT more driving, we finally reached our second to last state: Wisconsin!  While Jeremy took a potty break, I decided to check out the Wisconsin Welcome Center where I learned a lot about Wisconsin!

Wow! Wisconsin is big!

Learning all about Wisconsin...

I was hoping this was our final destination, but apparently Minnesota isn’t in Wisconsin – it’s a whole other state!  So back into the car we went…

I was getting a little bored of riding after all of these long hours in the car, so I decided to ask Jeremy if I could help drive.  For some reason he just laughed!  He pointed out this funny sign and said that if he let me drive, then our car would end up looking like this truck:

Ha ha. Very funny Jeremy!

I think Jeremy realized I was starting to get a little restless at this point, because he decided to take a break from driving when he saw a sign for a scenic overlook.  It was a little far off the road, but hey, we’re experienced walkers here!  Besides, we really needed to stretch our legs – we had been driving ALL. DAY. LONG.

Heading out on the path to the scenic overlook...

Hurry up Jeremy! I think it's just around this corner!

After a little bit of walking, we finally made it to the scenic overlook.  It was just the break that we needed from our long day in the car.  Check out these scenic views of Wisconsin:

So pretty!

I could look at this all day.

Alas, we had to head back to the car eventually.  Minnesota was still a ways off and we still had driving to do.  We did opt for the “path less taken” on the way back to the car though.

The path less taken looks pretty!

Stopping to smell the flowers.

We also stopped at another Wisconsin “landmark”, the big block of cheese.  Okay, maybe this isn’t a real landmark.  But can you believe how big this cheese is?!

That cheese could feed a lot of 3 Day walkers!

Finally, after many, many, many miles and many, many, many hours of driving, we FINALLY made it to Minnesota!

At last, we made it to Minnesota!

Upon arriving in Minnesota, we were quickly off to a pre- 3 Day cook out at the Wood Lake Nature Center with some of Jeremy’s friends.

At the Wood Lake Nature Center

Before we headed out to the campsite, I took some time to explore the Nature Center.  Check out some of the characters that I met:

This Turtle was VERY interested in me (and why wouldn't he be? I'm fascinating!)

He even called his buddy over to see me!

Meeting the Fantastic Mr. Fox!

So glad this guy was on the other side of the glass! Pee-yew!

Eventually, we headed out to the site of the cook out.  It was GORGEOUS.  I even got to paddle a canoe!  (Well, sort of… )

Hanging out in the canoe. I might need some help with the paddles.

Now THIS is a scenic overlook. So, so peaceful.

Relaxing by the bonfire at the end of a long day of driving!

It was a long day of driving, but in the end, it was definitely better than flying!  We got to see a bunch of cool sites along the way and had some great long talks in the car.  I couldn’t ask for a better travel partner than Jeremy.  No wonder the 60 Mile Men put him in their calendar!

For now, though, it is time to rest before meeting up with Jay Furr for the Twin Cities tomorrow.  Good night everyone!


Special thanks to Jeremy King for transporting Mug between Michigan and Minnesota and for sharing all of this wonderful photos.  If you would like to donate to Jeremy’s fundraising for the 2011 3 Day for the Cure, you can do so here.

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The Michigan 3 Day with the Coconutter Strutters!

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As you should know by now, I walked with the Coconutter Strutters team in the Michigan 3 Day for the Cure.  They were such a friendly and welcoming bunch of coconuts!

Welcome to the Michigan 3 Day!

The night before the Michigan 3 Day, the Coconutter Strutters all got together for a big team dinner.  It was an excellent opportunity for me to meet most of my teammates that would be escorting me around the Motor City for the next three days!

Me and my Coconutter Strutter teammates: Mr. Coconut, Marathon Coconut, Kooky Coconut, Clever Coconut, Hollywood Coconut, Lead Coconut, Trainer Coconut, Crafty Coconut, Iron Coconut and Queenie Coconut.

After dinner, I was really excited to start walking RIGHT AWAY!  However, the walk didn’t start for a few hours, so I was quickly tucked away for a good night’s sleep.  If I have learned one thing about these 3 Day walkers, it’s that they get up EARLY!

Sure enough, the Coconuts were up and at ’em well before sun rise.  Very first thing in the morning (and I mean first thing!), the Coconuts and I headed to Opening Ceremonies where my teammates snagged their first five seconds of fame.  Here, you can see the Channel 4 Detroit News interviewing Queenie Coconut – she is walking 60 miles in honor of her mother who also happened to be celebrating her 60th birthday!

(I was hoping this meant we would get cake or at least some Nutter Butters.  Unfortunately, with all this walking, there was no time for cake.  Next time, Coconuts!)

Letting my teammate enjoy the spot light. It can't be all about me, all the time!

Some people, like Cousin Coffee Cup, enjoy coffee first thing in the morning, but not these crazy Coconuts!  They spent their morning screaming, dancing and wearing pink fuzzy things on their heads, even though they just got out of bed!

You can always spot a coconut by their pink dealy boopers!

Somehow, every team picture that we took involved laughing, strange noises, pyramids of people and quite often “jazz hands”!  I knew I was in for a fun weekend with all this early morning fun!

After a wonderful Opening Ceremonies, it was time to walk!  And walk we did, for 3 days and 60 miles!

It's all about saving those coconuts!

The support along the route was incredible!  Here I am with the Superior Ambulance truck which was covered in dedications, inspiration and lots of love!

As the ambulance says, "Coconutter Strutters Rock!"

Luckily, we didn’t see any rain on the route (which is good because I haven’t fixed my poncho from Boston yet!).  The safety crew knew what they were doing when they brought their umbrellas though – we needed some relief from the hot, hot sun!

Thanks Safety Crew, for keeping my Coconuts safe!

The Coconutter Strutters have some of the best supporters along the route!  It seemed like every time we rounded a corner, there was someone else decked out in coconut gear!

Our team supporters come in all sizes!

When the Coconutter Strutters got tired of walking, there was always someone along the route ready to cheer us on and dance with us!

Dancing Coconuts!

The best dancer of all, though, was this woman:

I met the Dancing Lady!

This friendly lady is known as the Dancing Lady among the Michigan 3 Dayers and she is something of a celebrity (like me!).  She kept popping up all throughout the walk and she was always shakin’ her stuff!  I’m just lucky I got her to hold still long enough for a picture!

When we finally made it back to camp, we were greeted by the wonderful Livonia firemen who were working hard to keep us cool after a hot day of walking in the sun.

Thank you Livonia firemen! We love you!

Everyone was in such a good mood all weekend – I think it’s all this pink that they all wear.  You just can’t be grouchy when you’re surrounded by PINK.  I think Oscar the Grouch should take notes from these 3 Day people!

Marathon Coconut was super excited to be hanging out with me. Little does she know that I'm not filled with coffee!

Luckily, I didn’t have to go to the Medical Tent this time like I did in Boston.  They have some funny looking nurses here in Michigan!

3 Day Mug and 3 Day Nurse to the rescue!

In camp, I even got to meet another awesome 3 Day celebrity: Pink Beard Barry!  Did you know that this is the fifth year in a row that he’s participated in EVERY 3 Day event?  That’s soooo much walking.  Mom got to meet him in Atlanta in 2008 and I got to meet him here in Detroit!

I hope I get to see Barry again at my other events. He's my idol!

One thing that I learned in Michigan is that The Coconutter Strutters take Tent Decorating VERY seriously.  This year, the Coconuts took their cue from the gorgeous weather and brought a little beach bummin’ to the 3 Day with them!

Beach Bummin' at 3 Day Camp! Hope you brought your swimmies and sunblock!

Trainer Coconut was supposed to be decorating the tents, but I think she got a little confused after all of this walking!

Hanging 10 with Trainer Coconut!

While the Coconuts were putting the final touches on tent decorations, another news team swung by for an interview.  Who knew my teammates were such media darlings?

I'm glad everyone is getting to hear about my Coconut teammates - they are the best!

One of the best things about the Coconutter Strutters is their team shirts.  If I had a shirt, it would definitely say “Mug Nut”!

I definitely need to get one of these shirts! It would look great with my dealy-boopers!

Our team banner was a huge help during the middle of the night when the well-hydrated Coconuts stumbled in the dark in and out of their tents to hit the port-a-potties.  It was also a wonderful sign to welcome us home to camp at the end of a long day of walking!

Our team banner at the end of Day 2!

The rainbow at camp on the second night made everyone stop and appreciate the magnificent 3 Day bubble that we were all in.  I almost didn’t want to leave!

Forget a pot of gold - there's a 3 Day Mug at the end of this rainbow!

In addition to the gorgeous rainbow over our banner on Day 2, we also came home to find out that the Coconutter Strutters had won the tent decorating contest!  Whoohoo – more legacy pins for everyone!!!

Beach Bums for Boobs = Success!

The final day of the event was bittersweet – the miles may be shorter but the steps definitely feel slower.  I know my teammates were starting to get sore, but I was lucky.  Since Mug’s don’t technically have legs, I got to just hang around for those last, difficult miles!

Hitching a ride with Lead Coconut Vanessa!

Coming into Closing Ceremonies, I had the most incredible photo op – I got to meet Jenne Fromm, the national spokeswoman for the whole 3 Day.  Team Coconutter Strutters adore her and so do I!  When the Coconuts explained that I was the (famous!) 3 Day Mug and that I would be traveling to almost as many 3 Day events as she was, her response was “Well, THAT’s an interesting item to take along on all the walks!”

I am definitely interesting – that’s why you’re all reading my blog after all!  I hope I get to meet Jenne again at future walks!

Posing with Jenne!

At the end of the 60 mile journey in Michigan, all 1,850 walkers shared stories of aches, pains, dehydration, exhaustion and longed for air conditioning.  Yet at that very same moment, they felt a heart warming peace – the small things they had over come during those 3 days are nothing compared to the mountains that our survivors have achieved!

The Coconutter Strutters at the Finish Line! Congratulations Coconuts!

After a very long but fun-filled 3 Days, we took our final steps into Closing Ceremonies.  The Coconuts look just as good as they did early on Friday morning, just a few short days ago!

Closing Ceremonies!

So now it’s time for this Mug to hang up her 3 Day lanyard for this walk.  But don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.  I’ll be in the Twin Cities in just a few days!

Rocking my Michigan 3 Day swag one last time...

Extra special thank you to Vanessa and all the Coconuts for all your support during the Michigan 3 Day!  I loved being an honorary Coconut and I’ll see you again in Arizona!

~  3 Day Mug

PS – If you want to help my Coconutter Strutters teammates with their fundraising for their Arizona walk, you can make a donation here.  Thanks!

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That’s A Lot of Nutter Butters!

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As my long time fans know, this is one Mug that loves her Nutter Butters.  Just about the only thing I love more than Nutter Butters is people who participate in the Breast Cancer 3 Day!  So when Jay, my soon to be host for the Twin Cities 3 Day for the Cure, recently tweeted this picture of the stash of Nutter Butters that we’ll be bringing with us to the Twin Cities walk, I was one seriously happy Mug!

Personally, I feel that Nutter Butters can cure whatever it is that ails you.  And I know from experience that during the 3 Day, there’s a lot that can ail you.  So if you happen to see Jay or I out on the route or in camp during the Twin Cities 3 Day, be sure to say “Hi!” and ask for some Nutter Butters – we clearly have plenty to share!

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Rocking the Fundraising with the Coconutter Strutters!

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What an adventure so far!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was shipped in the most glorious cloud of bubble wrap (thanks to the FedEx guy!) to spend a couple weeks in Michigan with Team Coconutter Strutters before heading to the Michigan 3 Day for the Cure.  The weekend before the Michigan event, I was honored to spend the evening at the Third Annual ‘Passionate About Pink’ fundraising concert with Coconutter teammates!

Vanessa says for me to say an extra special “Thank You!” to G Jais Jook Joint Blues Band, Tracy Mack, DJ Jen & Hana Halhas who kept everyone singing, smiling, toe-tapping and dancing all night — it was so much fun!

Rock on Michigan!

In addition to getting to know my teammates before the big 3 Day walk, I also made some great new friends at the party.  One of my new friends caught my eye immediately – we were both decked out in pink, my signature color!

My new friend Lil' Miss Martini!

We got a little silly at the party...

I also made a second friend, Pink Ribbon Duck!  Pink Ribbon Duck is a great advocate for helping me “duck breast cancer”!

Hanging out with my new friend Pink Ribbon Duck!

There were also a lot of great fashions to check out at the party.  If I could wear a t-shirt, it would defiantly be this one:

The front of the shirt...

And the back! Isn't it great?

I also think I would look particularly HOT in these awesome socks (ya know, if I had feet!):

I just LOVE these socks!

But I guess since the t-shirt doesn’t fit and the socks don’t fit, I will just have to settle for a classic pair of Team Coconutter Strutters “Dealy-Boopers”!

As they say, you can always tell a Coconut by their Dealy-Boopers!

I had so much fun getting to know my new teammates at the party.  Here are some of the Coconuts that I was hanging out with tonight.  Would you believe they all went to high school together?  They’re just like Mom and her Relentless Optimism teammates!

My Coconut teammates!

In between sets of the concert, the Coconuts paraded around the room asking for donations.  They even had big pink buckets just for the occasion – I think they might be long lost cousins!

Fill those buckets with donations, folks!

While the ladies worked the pink buckets, I was in charge of collecting donations at the table.  There was so much money coming in, I was getting overwhelmed!

So much money! Good thing it's for such a great cause!

In the end, it might have gotten a little crazy at times, but it was a ton of fun!  We ultimately raised $500 to help in the fight against breast cancer.  What a successful night!

Great job, Coconutter Strutters!

Vanessa taught me a new Chinese Proverb: “The journey is the reward!”  I think that perfectly sums up my night at the Passionate About Pink concert.  And now that I’m an official Coconut (Dealy-Boppers and all!), I would like to say on behalf of my new teammates that we are so thankful for all of our supporters and friends that we have made along this journey!

The Coconuts have now wrapped up their fundraising for the Michigan 3 Day.  BUT – the Coconuts will also be strutting their stuff at the Arizona walk later this fall.  If you would like to help contribute to the Coconutter Strutters fundraising goals for their Arizona event, you can do so here.

Thanks for a great night Coconuts – see you soon at the big walk!

Thank you Vanessa DeKoekKoek for taking good of Mug in Michigan and for sharing all of these great photos!

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I made it to Michigan!

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I finally made it to the first stop of the second leg of my 3 Day journey:  Michigan!

The FedEx guy said this is how all the First Class passengers travel... I don't think I believe him.

When I got to Michigan, Vanessa, my host for a few weeks had a bit of trouble getting me out of my intense wrapping.  Luckily, this friendly guy was willing to help her out:

What can I say? I was comfy in my bubble wrap and I didn't want to come out!

So now, I am here in Michigan and I am ready to get started on my adventure!  Vanessa tells me that we’re going to a fundraiser with her teammates on the Coconutter Strutters soon.  Good thing I remembered to pack my coconut bra – I wouldn’t want to be under dressed!

Welcome to Michigan!

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